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Switchable Smart Film FAQ

  • What is the minmum size of smart glass film?        20*20mm.
  • What is the maxmum size of smart privacy film?   1.8*50meter.
  • Could the switchable privacy film be cut?                 Yes.
  • How should the switchalbe film be cut?                    Cut by cutting plateform or trim by scissors.
  • Can we install by ourselves?                                         Yes, we offer a complete do it your self kit with practice pieces.
  • Can i use water during installation?                           No. it doesn’t allow any water during installation.
  • Can you project on smart tint film?                            Yes, smart tint film is ideal for applying as a projection screen.
  • Does it block UV?                                                            Yes. 98% UV blocked.
  • What is the size of PDLC film?                                     All made in custom size, or you may choose our roll size 1.5*50meter.
  • How is the fiml comparing with Switchable glass?  Lower cost, but not longer life time as switchable glass.
  • How much the PDLC film cost?                                    Every Smart film project is different and we custom manufacture                                                                                                    your material into almost any shape or size, pre-wire, test and send                                                                                                  you a ready to install kit with a package price. it is quoted as per your                                                                                              project details.

Intelligent Dimming Glass Film