ZZ industry (shanghai) co., ltd. is a high-tech company found-ed by ZZ Group. ZZ Group specialize in development and application of PDLC, electronics, and energy-saving technology. ZZ Group first-class scientific research and technical team partnership with Tsinghua University, Peking University other well-known universities and scientific research insti-tutions in China developing PDLC, new materials,photoelectric technology and other related fields. With the "Mutual Benefits" business model, ZZ Group have the opportunities service the projects of 2022 Asian Games Command Center and China major banks. ZZ Group established in 1989 and have grow into a well known nationwide high-tech enterprise. Specializing in the development and pro-duction of coatings for anti-smog natural stone veneec waterproof, thermal insulation, smart color-change, and nearly 100 varieties of products with 600,000 ton annual production capacity. ZZ Group was the important partner of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo project.

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